A Huge Thank You to JD Signs for sending two Army Veterans to restore the former clock, converted into signage in front of Veteran's Plaza.

Tom Reese and Mike Glenndening were seen Tuesday painting and restoring the sign at Veterans Plaza.

It was in deplorable condition. I asked JD Wyatt if his men could get it done before Veterans Day. It is done and looks awesome. It thought it was interesting that two Army Veterans got the job done! Thank you for your service.

JD is a wonderful person who gives back to the City. He took down the old sign that was on the Mid City Parking Lot elevator. Joe Feltz told me it was not in his budget. Guess what JD did it for free! Thank you to all the people who care and give back to Fairmont.

Veteran's Plaza was dedicated November 12, 1997. I have a half brick that was presented to citizens the day of the dedication. I happened to notice a brick we are using as a doorstop at Woodlawn Manor today.

In this world of everyone being offended about something it is great to work with positive people who get things done! Hats off to these great folks at JD Signs. Be kind it makes you feel great!

Thank you,

Nancy Bickerstaff


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