The unprecedented times sprouting from COVID-19 and the changes in lifestyle are profound and continuous. For West Virginians, these changes have caused strains on business and general wellbeing, not unlike the country on a whole. However, the light at the end of the tunnel inches closer as vaccines roll out across the nation, allowing people to regain control of their lives and business to reopen, both done safely and smartly. The West Virginia Legislature, in concert with Gov. Jim Justice, look forward to the bright future available to West Virginia going forward towards the hope of a COVID-free world again.

For many legislators, they have begun to show the public their commitment to their belief that COVID is no longer an issue through the lack of mask-wearing while in the capitol. With this in mind, it is curious that these legislators, who are unconcerned with the virus at large, are unwilling to reopen the capitol to the public.

Why are West Virginians not beside themselves at the lack of transparency and attempt to rule without regards to the public? This is a bipartisan issue: Republicans and Democrats should be outraged at the concealment of our legislative process under false pretenses. It is time for West Virginians to call their legislator and demand transparency and consistency in the capitol we control.

Coby Roland


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