After reading the article “FREEDOM TO VOTE ACT: West Virginians push fit passage of modified voting rights bill” by David Kirk, I felt compelled to share my own feelings about this bill.

As a college student in West Virginia, I find it fair that all individuals and peers I work beside on our college campus, all receive the same right to vote, especially to our transient students who are not originally from Fairmont.

Same day voter registration would allow young individuals like myself and my peers who are busy college students, the freedom to walk in, vote, and go back to what is of importance. Everyone should have access to the same right to vote and to allow all citizens' opinions and feelings to be heard.

Senator Joe Manchin, please do whatever it takes to pass the Freedom to Vote Act, the urgency for the rights and problems addressed within this bill, are the future of our state.

Lauryn Crupe


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