I had to wonder when I read your coverage of Shelley Capito’s position on the infrastructure bill. (Times West Virginian, April 16.)

She said she might be able to support it …. If it hadn’t included raising the living standard of home health workers as part of the whole idea of infrastructure.

She said she is “a great believer in home healthcare” but their needs are “fluff.”

If Senator Capito really cared about home health workers:

• She’d be in the front row of the fight for a federal minimum wage of $15/hour.

• She’d never have made her constituents beg her not to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

• She’d be helping Natalie Tennant fight for the federal voting rights bill (S. 1).

• She’d never have voted for Trump’s tax cut for the megawealthy which has undermined our public health and led to an unnecessary loss of over 550,000 American lives, including many essential home health workers during the pandemic.

Senator Capito may “believe” in home health care, but we the voters will need to believe, and remember what we see, in the Senator’s voting record.

She grew up in a time when women leaders, especially in the business and banking circles where she went to prep school, were convinced that to succeed they had to support the “stuff,” not the “fluff.”

I’m personally proud of the younger generation of women leaders, who have decided that the most important part of leadership is knowing how to value and invest in everything and everybody of value. These savvy young women will be key to our surviving years of economic blight and suffering in our region.

Nancy Hilsbos


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