Sen. Capito should support the Freedom to Vote Act

The former president of the National League of Women Voters said, “It touches many of the areas that are necessary to make the people confident that they can vote,” when asked about her opinion on the Freedom to Vote Act.

This is so true in West Virginia, we need to have the confidence and the possibility of voting returned to West Virginians.

My brothers committed non-violent felonies while under the influence of drugs and alcohol, many years ago. Although they are in long-term recovery at this time, they are still unable to cast their ballots in each election due to an outdated law barring anyone with a felony to vote.

With the Freedom to Vote Act, my brothers will have the opportunity to vote in future elections which is their right as Americans.

Due to the drug epidemic that has consumed this state, there are many West Virginians that have lost their right to vote due to drug charges.

Without the passing of this bill, the individuals who made these mistakes while using substances will never get their chance to vote.

West Virginia is urgently in need of the passing of this bill and West Virginia senator Shelley Moore Capito can and should vote yes on this bill to give the people of West Virginia a chance at equal voting rights.

Katie Davis

Hurricane, W.Va.

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