Dear People,

For so long, I believed that this country could brush off these attacks at its heart, at its soul. I believed that other Americans would rise to defend our Democracy.

I am 76 years old now, and I have marched in Washington to protest Vietnam, to protest the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, to protest the profiteering of Medicare. I have tried as a citizen to make my views, my concerns known to my Congress men and women.

But here we are, with the Republican Party making a joke of Pelosi's husband being attacked with a hammer that shattered his skull. And then to have TrumpJr make tasteless jokes about the attack. Sure, why not?

Trump and his MAGA Republicans are encouraging Election Deniers running for office in our elections and pushing forward the idea that elections don't work, that elections are broken, that we cannot trust in elections, that elections shouldn't count. In fact, this is the new operating principal of the Republican Party.

Why? Why would they do this? Because if they SAY elections are messed up, then screw around with them, by frightening away poll workers, by sowing distrust of the voting machines themselves, until they are, in fact, broken, they can say, SEE! Elections are broken, they don't work! Looks like we'll now have to select our leaders through FORCE! That'll be fun!

If it's not going to be voting, if we are not going to elect our leaders through voting for them, then it will have to be by violence and force. It is either Democracy or it is NOT! And our vote this year is about whether we will ever get to vote again.

Please consider your life, the lives of your family and loved ones, this beautiful country of which we have for so long been proud, the courage and dignity of all those who have defended it through the years, and please turn away from force and violence.

The Republican Party has drifted into a dark and very frightening place that is not healthy for any living thing. We must use the power we have to vote them out, to vote them away from power, to vote them away from using force and violence to control this country.

This next voting period may be the last one we will ever see. Our country may change in a truly frightening way, toward violence, towards a war within. Please vote for people who will help us move forward, not into the darkness.

Joan Schroering


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