It's apparent that the proposed practice facility at White Day Golf Course has become a long term project at best. Funding will be really difficult to obtain. Perhaps WVU should look at some options.

First, wouldn't it be more practical if the indoor facility was built closer to campus? Accessibility for the student athletes should be a prime concern. Second, the size of the property at White Day limits the scope of outdoor practice.

There are a number of courses in the area that would be much better suited and that would provide conditions and terrain very similar to actual courses they would be competing on. I suggest that WVU lease the property to an organization such as MCPARC. I bet one could find an army of volunteers to cut grass and work on getting it back into shape. Finding golfers would not be an issue.

It would provide jobs as well as an opportunity for outside recreation in Marion and surrounding counties. Green fees and etc. would cover the operational costs. Getting the course back into shape would take some effort, but the course is still intact, the clubhouse is in place. It won't be a Pinehurst or Augusta, but for the majority of area golfers it would be just fine. For old timers like myself, or first timers, learning the basics, it would be a great place to spend an early morning or afternoon. Let's not waste an opportunity to add an outdoors recreational area.

David Cassell


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