Many thanks to the Times West Virginian for Thursday’s editorial calling for an end to greyhound racing in the state.

You clarified the issue and covered the high points of the legislative mandate well. This obsolete “sport” must be maintained to legally enable other forms of gambling involving only the human species.

Abolishing this outdated requirement would bring the state’s gambling industry more into line with the spirit of the state’s animal welfare laws. It would also make a lot of animal welfare workers across the state happy.

 I ask all local elected officials to make this bit of housekeeping a priority on the first day of the next legislative session. Should you require more information from the animal welfare standpoint, visit

The Federation of Humane Organizations of West Virginia is a collaborative network of people working in animal welfare and animal control. In 2013 FOHOWV published a position paper on greyhound racing.

In 2016 at their statewide conference, (worldwide point organization for this issue) made an in-depth presentation. Visit FOHOWV’s website for a video link to grey2K’s presentation under “2016 Conference Videos” and FOHOWV’s greyhound racing position paper under “Position Papers.” The site also contains the entire section of W.Va. Animal Law, in booklet form and online.

 Let’s retire greyhound racing to our state’s history to join the administration whose personal interest propped it up in earlier days. It’s the simple, right thing to do.

Barbara Grigg


Director, Bless the Pets

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