A healthy Patrick White admittedly is excited going into West Virginia University’s (4-2) first-ever football meeting with Auburn (4-3) here on Thursday night.

“I know that our fans get a little bit more excited (for mid-week games),” said the 6-0, 192-pound senior quarterback from Daphne, Ala. “It will be bigger hyped, and it should be a wonderful game.

“Hopefully, it won’t be too cold.”

Auburn tried to recruit the Alabama native, but he said he did not consider the Tigers.

“Fans down there love Auburn and hate Alabama or vice-versa,” he noted. “It’s a lifestyle for them. That’s how it goes.

“Fans get just as excited here as they do there. I never really experienced the Alabama-Auburn lifestyle, college-wise.”

If anyone in that state tried to pressure White to attend either of those two schools, he did not listen. In deciding to cast his lot with West Virginia, he did so in consultation with members of his family.

Frankly, growing up in Daphne he wasn’t too impressed with either state school, even know he remains fully aware that both were and still are big-time football programs.

“It’s just not where I wanted to be,” White explained. “I never felt that I fit in. I just didn’t really like them that much. I was more of an LSU fan than an Auburn or Alabama fan.”

When this two-game series was scheduled for ESPN telecast, Thursday’s game was to have been played at Auburn. But at the Tigers’ request it was changed to Morgantown.

As a result, White is being deprived of an opportunity to perform in his home state.

“That did disappoint me,” he admitted. “I’ve got a lot of family coming to the game, though. So they will get to see me play.”

White, who missed the Oct. 11 victory over Syracuse, is feeling much better now. He said he feels like his feet are back on the ground. He’s aware of things and no one can rifle him anymore.

“So I feel pretty good,” he added.

He definitely didn’t like being on the sidelines during a game. But he thought it was nice seeing backup Jarrett Brown taking over and getting the team a big win.

“I gave him a little bit of my input,” he admitted. “I tried to give him as much as I could because he does the same for me when I’m on the field.”

Because this will be his last Thursday night game, White figures maybe he should get a little more charged up than usual. That Auburn is the opponent really doesn’t make much difference.

“I just think of it as another football game,” he said. “It’s another opportunity for us to showcase our talent and show what West Virginia football is all about.”

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