North Marion's Jace Rinehart throws a pitch.


First Team All-Conference

C: Jace Rinehart, North Marion

1B: Nick Stalnaker, Bridgeport

DH: Drew Harbert, Bridgeport

INF: Alex Seech, Buckhannon-Upshur

INF: Gage Bibey, Philip Barbour

INF: Noah Legget, Liberty

INF: Ryan Goff, Bridgeport

OF: Baron Swiger, Lincoln

OF: Tanner Corder, Philip Barbour

OF: Brandon Corley, East Fairmont

OF: Vincenzo Cava, Bridgeport

Utility: Will Knight, Bridgeport

Utility: Broderick Rohrbaugh, East Fairmont

Pitcher: Tim Via, Bridgeport

Pitcher: Connor Neal, Fairmont Senior

Pitcher: Cole Peschl, East Fairmont

Second Team All-Conference

C: Trey Hissam, East Fairmont

1B: Grant Lowther, RCB

DH: Pat Bart, Lincoln

INF: Corey Pyles, Preston

INF: Nathan Cooper, Elkins

INF: Garrett Moats, Grafton

INF: Cameron Hines, Fairmont Senior

OF: Alan Bennett, Elkins

OF: Elijah Posey, Fairmont Senior

OF: Chase Freeman, Lewis County

OF: Logan Bailey, Buckhannon-Upshur

Utility: Garrett Wilkerson, East Fairmont

Utility: Levi Clemens, North Marion

Pitcher: Nick Hamrick, Philip Barbour

Pitcher: Chris Phares, Fairmont Senior

Pitcher: Andrew Herron, Buckhannon-Upshur

Pitcher of the Year: Matt Gainer, Elkins

Player of the Year: Hunter Moore, Lincoln

Coach of the Year: Jonathon Carpernter, Philip Barbour


First Team All-Conference

C: Bella Posey, Lewis County

P: Madison Corbin, East Fairmont

1B: Haleigh Ferris, Lincoln

2B: Bailey Malnick, North Marion

3B: Mikayla Shepherd, Fairmont Senior

CF: Tiara Snyder, Robert C. Byrd

LF: Alyssa Rohr, Buckhannon-Upshur

RF: Blair Nuzum, East Fairmont

SS: Emily Riggs, Bridgeport

Additional 1: Kaitlyn Stanley, Bridgeport

Additional 2: Frederique Maloley, Grafton

Additional 3: Sarah Simon, Philip Barbour

Additional 4: Morgan Bowers, Elkins

Second Team All-Conference

C: Tori Lambert, East Fairmont

P: Cara Minor, North Marion

1B: Lauren Riffle, Bridgeport

2B: Shay Swiger, East Fairmont

3B: Shadee Hawkins, Lincoln

CF: Paige Humble, Bridgeport

LF: Caitlyn Westfall, Robert C. Byrd

RF: Rylee Collins, North Marion

SS: Aston Malnick, North Marion

Additional 1: Courtney Ramage, Lincoln

Additional 2: Zoe Henline, Lewis County

Additional 3: Audrey Gaudet, Buckhannon-Upshur

Additional 4: Kaitlyn Elliott, Robert C. Byrd

Player of the Year: Alli Robinson, Buckhannon-Upshur

Pitcher of the Year: Maddie Andrick, Lincoln

Coach of the Year: Steve Swiger, East Fairmont

Freshman of the Year: Emma Kyle, Lincoln

*Additionals: For utility players, pitchers, and designated hitters