He’s a man who soared past his competition. A man who played for national championships. A man who played in the pros.

He is Fairmont Senior basketball legend Jared Prickett.

Prickett wasn’t just any player who went through the ranks at FSHS — his skill set was second to none. Plus, he was 6 feet 9 inches tall. Being so big and strong gave him an advantage over the opposing teams that were trying to guard him.

“On a daily basis, I always wanted to be bigger and better than everybody else,” Prickett said. “So me and a few of the other guys would lift weights every day and try to get bigger and stronger as far as our legs and our upper body. We learned to jump really high and played a lot of basketball.”

The work ethic he honed at such a young age enabled him to learn the ropes of not only being the “Big Man,” but he became a big man who was versatile. He could clinch a board and then take the ball into transition, either dishing the ball off for an assist or slamming it home to ignite the crowd.

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