Last week I planned on finally hitting the woods for some relaxation and bow hunting time in Ohio. It’s been a busy fall and I haven’t been out at all this year.

Late in the week a hurricane coming up the east coast and a western weather front was to meet and create a possible mess in the eastern United States and in West Virginia and in Ohio where I would be.

As Friday approached I watched the weather report, which seemed to change by the hour and looked like maybe I could get a few days in before this bad storm was to hit.

I went to bed Friday night thinking it was good to go and I would get up early and check again to make sure.

Saturday morning the weather looked good, maybe a little rain on Saturday, but decent through Monday so I headed out on my way to the woods in Ohio.

I got to Brian’s around 1 p.m., then sat around and talked for a short time before hitting the woods. It had been raining pretty much the whole way over but stopped long enough to get an afternoon hunt in.

It felt great walking back to my familiar track back to one of my favorite hunting grounds. I climbed up into a ladder stand my nice friends had put up where I always hunt with my climbing stand.


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