MORGANTOWN — There not only will be a new star in town and new look men’s basketball team next season, but also a new floor upon which to display the team’s talents.

Oscar Tshbiewe will bring his 5-star skills to join Derek Culver, Jordan McCabe, Emmitt Matthews and Jermaine Haley on a newly designed floor in the 49-year-old Coliseum. The arena has recently undergone an extensive redesign that widened walkways, made concessions more efficient, and improved bathroom facilities, among other things.

The idea was to develop a “clean” and “classy” look. In charge of the makeover was Athletic Director Shane Lyons, Deputy Director of Athletics Keli Zinn, Executive Senior Associate Director of Athletics Steve Uryasz, Senior Associate Athletics Director Michael Fragale and Associate Athletics Director April Messerly.

They went through about a dozen or so different designs developed by athletics’ graphic designer Kristin Coldsnow, with assistance from Fragale and Publications Director Joe Swan.

“We looked at a number of different things but the one thing we wanted to accentuate was the Flying WV, which we’ve done with this design,” said Lyons in a release unveiling the new court design. “And then shadowing into that is the state, of which we’re very proud.

“The one thing we didn’t want was a floor with a complicated design. We wanted it to be a very clean, classy look as opposed to it being too busy.”

The new design features blue as the predominant floor color with a large Flying WV in the center behind a shadow of the state, while ”West Virginia Mountaineers” is displayed in gold along the two baselines with “West Virginia” painted along the bench sideline and “Mountaineers” painted along the student section side of the arena. The lane area is blue trimmed in gold for the first time, with the Big 12 logo also outlined in gold.

The wordmarks are the new ones established during the Nike rebranding process. Additionally, a silhouette of mountains will appear along the sideline in front of the student section, but it will be difficult to see on game day because the lighting and courtside seating will obscure it.

Men’s coach Bob Huggins, women’s coach Mike Carey and volleyball coach Reed Sunahara also had input in the design. Ledford Sports Floors has been contracted to paint the floor, which is scheduled to begin on June 10. Work should take approximately a month.

There could be some slight modifications based on the distance of the men’s and women’s 3-point lines, which will be determined early this summer as there is much speculation that the lines will go back to NBA distance.

“I don’t want the 3-point lines touching the silhouette of the state,” Lyons said.

WVU also recently introduced a new look in its uniforms.

“Everybody has different tastes,” Lyons said. “That’s why when you go into a clothing store you have different types of clothes. There are different types of cars. Everybody has different opinions, but from what we are trying to do with our uniforms with a clean, sleek, classy look, this goes right with it.”

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